Day of the Rope

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Day of the Rope
Day of the rope-pal-vhs.jpg
Release date 1996
Country USA
Directed by Arlo Eisenberg, Brian Konoske
Produced by Mark Heineken
First released as VHS
Runtime 43m
Produced in NTSC

Day of the Rope is a Senate team video released in 1996. It was directed by Arlo Eisenberg and Brian Konoske, and produced by Mark Heineken for PRN.

Cover text

The Day of the Rope is more than just a skate video. Make no mistakes, it does contain the best footage of the best rollerbladers in the world, but its purpose is greater than just that. Consider the Senate riders, not just as the best team of rollerbladers ever assembled on the face of the Earth, but also as the messengers of a new era. With the release of this video begins the official countdown to THE DAY OF THE ROPE. So to anyone who has ever crossed a rollerblader, beware. To anyone who has ever raised a fist, shouted an insult or even so much as directed a disapproving look towards a rollerblader, your days are numbered. We are gathering our troops. Our numbers are already strong, and they are growing. To rollerbladers, this is a call to arms...
To everyone else, this is a warning...


Title Music artist Track name
Profile: Eric Schrijn A Tribe Called Quest Youthful Expression
Profile: Louie Zamora The Prunes Cantona Style
Profile: Mike Scott Misfits Last Caress
Profile: Brandon Hardin 311 Next (311 Sessions)
Profile: Alex Miranda and Nick Leggatt Jimi Hendrix Castles Made Of Sand
Profile: Eitan Kramer and Matt Mantz Metallica Dyers Eve
Friends The Herbaliser Mr Chombee Has The Flaw
Profile: Kevin Gillian and Santiago Azpurua Pete Rock & CL Smooth All The Places
Profile: T.J. Webber Morcheeba Tape Loop
Profile: Arlo Eisenberg The Rolling Stones Sympathy For The Devil
BMX: Rooftop, Dennis McCoy, Rick Thorne, and Dave Mirra Joan Jett & The Blackhearts I Love Rock 'N Roll
Brian Konoske, Brooke Howard-Smith, Scott Bently, Tasha Hodgson, and Mike Opalek Dinosaur Jr. Feel the Pain
Profile: Randy Spizer Spice Girls Wannabe
Profile: Josh Petty Apollo 440 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Dub


Media release

The NTSC version was released on a green cassette, whereas the PAL version has a black cassette.

Production credits

Name Role
Mark Heineken Producer
Arlo Eisenberg Director
Brian Konoske Director, Staff Filmer
Bruno Peeters Editor
Beau Cottington Assistant Director, Editor, Staff Filmer
Mike Opalek Staff Filmer
Joe Navran Contributing Filmer
Steve Parrino Contributing Filmer
Cory Casey Contributing Filmer
Dion Antony Contributing Filmer
Steve Thomas Contributing Filmer
Dave Paine Contributing Filmer
Mike Burke Contributing Filmer
Erik Burke Contributing Filmer
Alex Miranda Contributing Filmer
Champion Baumstimler Contributing Filmer
Randy Spizer Contributing Filmer
Keith Wilson Contributing Filmer
Jacob Stutzman Contributing Filmer


  • Also available as PAL VHS