Elements 2

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Elements 2
Elements 2-ntsc-vhs.jpg
Release date 1999
Country USA
Produced by Joe Navran
First released as VHS
Runtime 46m
Produced in NTSC

Elements 2 is a co-production by Dave Temple & Joe Navran. It was released in 1999, and is the sequel to Elements from 1998.


Title Element Music artist Track name
Intro Unknown Artist Unknown Track
Sunbeam Outside World
Dre Water The Beatnuts Watch Out Now
Dominic Sagona Air
Vinny Minton Fire
Randy Spizer Water The Anonymous Fantasy Island
Bryan Jaggers Fire GZA Shadowboxin'
Walt Austin Air
Brian Shima Fire
Jayson Reduta Earth Outkast Chonkyfire
Jon Julio Earth The Anonymous Dr. EZ's Cool Fantastic Part I
Bryant Rutledge Water
Louie Zamora Air
Sean Cullen Water/Sperm Pete Rock Tha Game
Matt Andrews Earth
Josh Petty Fire MANNISH Fakin' The Funk
Ashley Vogt Fire MANNISH Looking At The Front Door
Kevin Gillan Earth Nas Hate Me Now
Jeff Frederick Water Gang Starr Full Clip
Billy Prislin Water
Dustin Latimer Air Rakim Guess Who's Back
Credits Rob Dougan Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Variation)
After credits scene: Jeff Frederick at Boards & Blades

Production credits

Name Role
Dave Temple Editor
Joe Navran Producer
Fransisco Pupo Camera
Justin Lomax Camera
Randy Spizer Camera
Dustin Latimer Camera
Kevin Gillan Camera
Sean Cullen Camera
Bryan Jaggers Camera
Jayson Reduta Camera
Brian Konoske Camera
Shane Coburn Camera
Ashley Vogt Camera
Vinny Minton Camera
Matt Andrews Camera
Mike Kini Camera
Kurt Espina Camera
Jeff Frederick Camera
Quang Do Camera