Hoax III: Broken English

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Hoax III: Broken English
Release date 1996
Country USA
Directed by Evan Stone
Produced by Craig Caryl
First released as VHS
Runtime 84m
Produced in NTSC

Hoax III: Broken English is the third installment in the Hoax series. It was directed by Evan Stone and produced by Craig Caryl. It was released in 1996.

Cover text

Everyone speaks the Broken English, or at least we hoped as we began our global mission to capture the most insane skating ever seen on film. From the skate parks of Europe with René Hulgreen and Tom Fry to Rawlinson Rivera and Dave Kollasch on monster ledges in Puerto Rico and Peru. Go "Jeep Surfing" with Tom Fry in Switzerland, and hook up with locals and pro's in mad sessions throughout the world. Also featured is a special appearance of Dave Kollasch's new marching band in Peru. Find out what's up with Rawlinson getting "busted" in Puerto Rico. Hoax III - Broken English, the third in the infamous Hoax trilogy takes you around the globe, but keeps bringing you back to where street skating began, the Good ol' USA.


Production credits

Name Role
Evan Stone Director
Craig Caryl Producer