Hoax IV: Brass Monkeys

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Hoax IV: Brass Monkeys
Hoax iv-pal-vhs.jpg
Release date 1997
Country USA
Directed by Evan Stone
Produced by Craig Caryl
First released as VHS
Runtime 60m
Produced in NTSC

Hoax IV: Brass Monkeys is the forth installment in the Hoax series, directed by Evan Stone and produced by Craig Caryl.

Cover text

Pop it in. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Watch the top InLine pros travel the world pulling off the most progressive tricks the sport has ever seen.


Title Music artist Track name
Opener Gravity Kills Enough (Extrinsic Remix)
Israel Fu-Schnickens True Fuschnick
Portland Captain Remo Mi Hot
Hawaii The Herbaliser feat What What The Blend
Japan DJ Vadim The Pimp Theme 126
Boxcar Wino Pig Farmer
Descendents I'm Not A Punk
Seattle Spring Heeled Jack One Way
TAD Luminol
Po Po Platter Brian Green Didn't Have A Clue
Europe Prong Broken Peace
Tha Mexakinz Tha Realism
The O.C. Supertones Supertones Strike Back
Kung Pao Chicken The Pharaohs Love and Hapiness
Puerto Rico Buck-O-Nine Round Kid
Descendents Myage
Credits Spearhead Madness in tha Hood (Free Ride)
Bonus Soak Me Compassionate
Coldcut Atomic Moog 2000


Production credits

Name Role
Evan Stone Director, Editor, Cinematography, Cover Photo
José E Veliz Editor, Camera, Graphics Design
Bryan Bell Editor, Camera
B Love Editor, Camera
Pete Yum Editor, Graphics Design
Darryl Hardin Editor, Camera
Fran Battaglia Editor
Brian Smith Camera
Rawlinson Rivera Camera
Ken Clark Camera
Martin Davey Camera
Esieban Jaime Camera
Greg Brock Music Supervisor
Conroy Browne On-Line Editor, Opening Sequence
Matt Seng Graphics Design
Reneé Wright Graphics Design
Jennifer WIlson Production Accountant
Ayelette Aqulnik Production Coordinator
Selina Hiram Production Coordinator
Jaimé Saucedo Production Coordinator
Craig Caryl Executive Producer