René goes Lausanne

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René goes Lausanne
Release date 1996
Country Germany
First released as VHS
Runtime 60m
Produced in PAL

Covering the 1996 Swatch Lausanne contest, centered around vert skater Rene Hulgreen. Produced by TAMI Film.

Cover text

René went to Lausanne - and you can go with him. Meet the best skaters of the world - like René Hulgreen, Manuel Billiris, Tom Fry, Chris Edwards, Oliver Samoes Silva, Claudia Trachsel, Matty Mantz, Roadhouse, Tj Webber, Tom Ahlqvist, Jean-Jean Chanet, Arlo Eisenberg, Matt Salerno, Matteo Attanasio, Dave Kollasch, Raphael Sandoz, Brian Bell, Cesar Mora, Jon Julio, Chris Garret, Chad Grout, Eito Yasutoko, Marcos Longares & others. Watch the best tricks on Vert and Street, the biggest party ever done by Inline Skaters, the highest jump. Join the crowd. Go on a journey into the world of the unbelievable Lausanne Contest - into Renés world.


Media release

Release on PAL VHS in hard plastic case.

Production credits

Name Role
Wolfgang Wunderlich 1st camera operator, video editor
Reiner Lanuschny 2nd camera operator
M. Bartylak Assistant camera operator
M. Stoewer Assistant camera operator
Mike Neumann Video editor
Damn Inline Band Music