Uncommon Ground

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Uncommon Ground
Uncommon ground-pal-vhs.jpg
Release date 1996
Country USA
Directed by Neil Moreno
First released as VHS
Runtime 69m
Produced in NTSC

Video released in 1996. Directed by Neil Moreno for Blizzard Productions, Inc..

Cover text

From the producers of "No Limits" Blizzard Productions brings you yet another inline adventure. Ride along with top pros and a slew of newcomers as they take the country by storm in the search of uncommon ground.


Title Music artist Track name
Opener Delinquent Habits Tres Delinquentes
Intro Unknown Artist Unknown Track
Funky Town Delinquent Habits Break 'Em Off
NSGA Trade Show Unknown Artist Unknown Track
Eastside Stavesacre Tranewreck
MyJami The Beatmasters Ska Train
Unknown Artist Unknown Track
Encore Beastie Boys Pow
Westside Knockout Think It's Time
Santa Monica Welt Talk Shit
Cadillac Tramps Bridges
Unknown Artist Unknown Track
Nu Jork Eric B. & Rakim I Know You Got Soul
#%*!$@? Walter Murphy A Fifth of Beethoven
KC And The Sunshine Band Get Down Tonight
5 Boros Stavesacre Loader
6500 B.C. DJ Hurricane feat. Beastie Boys Four Fly Guys
Montage House of Pain Beef Jerky
Credits KC & The Sunshine Band I'm Your Boogie Man
Queen Latifah 4 The D.J.'s (Interlude)


Bikers & Skateboarders

Production credits

Name Role
Neil Moreno Director, producer, cinematography, box design/layout
Ray Mendez Additional video
Jonathan Ortiz Additional video
Joe Dedentro Additional video
Keith Amidei Additional video (Chicago)
Cesar Correa Additional video (Chicago)
E.J. Simple Additional video (Chicago)
Mike Kadili Additional video (Chicago)
Chris Beck Additional video (California)
Art Gavigan Additional video (California)
Ron Hunter Additional video (California)
Marvin Myers Additional video (New York)
Ricky Contreras Additional video (New York)
Chris Nichols Post production supervisor, online editor, box design/layout
Taku Taira Photography