VG17: California Industry Issue

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VG17: California Industry Issue
Release date 2001
Country USA
Directed by David Allan Paine
First released as VHS
Runtime 85m
Produced in NTSC

California Industry Issue is the seventeenth installment in the Videogroove Video Magazine series. It was directed by Dave Paine and features the first IMYTA contest.

Cover text

VG17 California Industry Issue - Featuring IMYTA is a special VG. VG16ECVGONE sparked a fire here among the California scene, especially in the Bay Area with profiles on kingpins and legends, Robert Guerrero and Jason Reduta. In South California we highlight skating profiles on Mike Radebaugh and Jeff Stockwell. Jon Julio, guest director, held the first ever IMYTA comp in the SF streets this summer. This was a showdown of talent from all over that has never been attempted in such a raw street format. "The SF Take Over, Time is Money"... every trick counts! Plus music profiles, Bay Area coverage and down south. Industry leaders even make appearances and drop knowledge. Check it all out in another one hour, fully packed issue of Videogroove Magazine. IMYTA (I Match Your Trick Assoc.)


Title Music artist Track name
Opener 2Pac feat. Dr. Dre California Love
Profiles: Jayson Reduta and Robert Guerrero (Intro) Blackalicious The Fabulous Ones (live)
Profile: Jayson Reduta Garnett "Silk" Smith Killamanjaro Remembers (aka Evacuate)
Whitney Houston My Love Is Your Love (Wyclef Jean Dub)
DJ Wicked (of Lifesavers Crew) Live at Palookaville
Profile: Robert Guerrero Modest Mouse It's All Nice On Ice
SF Take Over: Time Is Money (IMYTA) Hieroglyphics The Last One (Instrumental)
IMYTA: Jon Julio Tracy Chapman Talkin' Bout a Revolution
Bay Area/SF DJ Shadow Hardcore (Instrumental) Hip-Hop
Music Profile: Straight Ahead/Junglz Apary Straight Ahead/Junglz Apary Live Jam
Sean Cullen back2back Pat Lennen Quanumm Stormy Water (live)
4 Hours at Glen Cove Deltron 3030 Positive Contact
Profiles: Mike Radebaugh and Jeff Stockwell (Intro) Unknown Artist Unknown Track
Profile: Mike Radebaugh Unknown Artist Unknown Track
Profile: Jeff Stockwell No Use For A Name Pride
DJ Swift Live at Videogroove
Visual Aids Odonato Drinkin and Gambling
Orange County Propellerheads Taking California
SD/Esco The Misfits London Dungeon
Credits The Pharcyde The E.N.D.


Media release

Released on VHS, including a Just Push Play sticker.

Production credits

Name Role
Dave A Paine Director, Editor, Camera
Jon Julio Guest director
Brian Konoske Cover photo
Jess Dyrenforth Back cover photos
Lawrence Ingraham Cover layout design