VG19: East Coast, Volume 2

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VG19: East Coast, Volume 2
Release date 2001
Country USA
Directed by Chris Majette, David Allan Paine
First released as DVD, VHS
Runtime 82m
Produced in NTSC

East Coast, Volume 2 is the nineteenth installment in the Videogroove Video Magazine series and the second East Coast VG. It was directed by Chris Majette and Dave Paine.

Cover text

This is our annual tribute to the east side of the states. VG covers much more ground this time around with several tours popping off at once. Live life on the road via vans, clubs, hotels, and breakdowns. VG has hired secret agent James Reetske for the assignment guest director of Dre's P file. Unbelievable filming and editing is high on the list this issue. Drive with us through the dirty south all the way through to the win cities and 10,000 lakes. Plenty of flavor from guest host "super hick" Kevin Dowling. East Coast VG is something we strongly feel will change the way people view rolling on the strong side. This is the anticoverage you never see in print! VG has it full blown for ya! Untapped talent and spots that will hype you to skate.

Raw! Fid man.

Thanks for the support!

on to the roll... est. 1993


Title Music artist Track name
Forward Art of Fact Dedication 11
Chris Farmer Unknown Prophets feat. Slug Never
Atlanta OutKast Peaches
OutKast Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
Minneapolis DJ Abilities feat. Atmosphere Exclusive (...For Persons With DJ Abilities)
DJ Abilities Atmosphere live at First Avenue
F.I.D. Tour Jimmy Eat World 12.23.95
Profile: Walt Austin The Art of Fact Five Drum Loops
OutKast E.T. (Extraterrestrial)
Profile: Dre Powell Photek ni ten ichi ryu
VIP Freestyle
Joe Boyd Vigil Gundams Are On Earth
Industry Peeps: Chris Majette/Denial Clothing Cut Chemist & Shortkut Ready On The Right
Scout Report Poor Righteous Teachers feat. KRS-One Conscious Style (KRS-One Mix Original Rugged)
Profile: Mike Elias Jimmy Eat World Your New Aesthetic
Mini View: Chris Cheshire Rahzel Make The Music 2000
Philadelphia DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Summertime
Visual Aids Boyz II Men Yesterday
Credits The Juliana Theory The Closest Thing


Media release

Released on both, DVD and VHS

Production credits

Name Role
Dave Allan Paine Director, Editor, Camera
Chris Majette Co-Director, Cover photography
James Reetske Guest director
Dre Powell Guest director