VG5: SuperNatural

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VG5: SuperNatural
Release date 1996
Country USA
Directed by David Allan Paine
Produced by Morgan Stone, Shon Tomlin
First released as VHS
Runtime 46m
Produced in NTSC

SuperNatural is the fifth installment in the Videogroove Video Magazine series. It was directed by Dave Paine, edited by Morgan Stone and produced by Shon Tomlin.

Cover text

Embark on the fifth issue of VG, SuperNatural. Once again we've delivered you a ton of the most up to date footage and a slew of new skaters that are setting the standards for street and vert. This issue unveils the supernatural likes of Nevada's Erik Burke and Texas' Champion Baumstimler as well as a pack of newcomers from beyond. Intertwined into this continuous web of VG's perpetual travel log are the never-to-forget moments of VG's biggest competitions including NISS, ASA, Lausanne, Switzerland and the Oxygen Cup in Japan. And since you liked the last one so much we've even thrown a special 32 page surprise inside this copy. Enjoy your adventure into the Supernatural.


Title Music artist Track name
Forward Unknown Artist Unknown Track
2nd Hand The Suicide Machines Hey
Dog n Pony: (Swatch International Roller & In-Line Contest, Lausanne) Street musicians
Unnatural Delinquent Habits Lower Eastside
Connections Sublime Doin' Time
Facials: Erik Burke Fall Silent Heartbreaker
Facials: Champion Baumstimler Champion Jack Dupree Nasty Boogie
Dog n Pony: Oxygen Cup (Tokyo, Japan) King Giddra コードナンバー 0117
Dog n Pony: ASA & NISS Unknown Artist Unknown Track
Switch Ups El Centro Everything
Trannies The Roots Ital (The Universal Side)
Visual Aids The Five Stairsteps O-o-h Child
Stunts Fugazi Burning Too
Credits Street musician
Dayz Off Don Knott's Overdrive Asteroyd Lloyd

Media release

The VHS release includes a 32-page booklet/zine.

Production credits

Name Role
Dave Paine Director
Morgan Stone Producer, Editor
Shon Tomlin Executive Producer
Eugene Baldovino VG Camera Staff
Bryan Bell VG Camera Staff
Tom Fry VG Camera Staff
Brayden Knell VG Camera Staff
Eric Schrijn VG Camera Staff
Randy Spizer VG Camera Staff
John Ortiz Contributing Footage
Joe Dedentro Contributing Footage
Larry Fagen Contributing Footage
Jason Worrall Contributing Footage
Keith Ameidi Contributing Footage
Steve Gordon Contributing Footage
John Glynn Contributing Footage
Mo Sanders Contributing Footage
Gerardo Queido Contributing Footage
Bob Lewis Contributing Footage
Joe Navran Contributing Footage
Mike Eide Contributing Footage
Beau Coddington Contributing Footage
Dan Jensen Contributing Footage
Manuel Billiris Contributing Footage
Chris Carrett Contributing Footage
Jon Julio Contributing Footage
Lance Larson Sleeve Art Design